Bonyak Jewelry is pleased to offer you the highest quality jewelry at affordable prices.  All of our jewelry is either handcrafted by us using the best available gemstones and craftsmanship, or else it comes from the most reliable sources with the strictest quality controls.  All of our suppliers are based in the United States and have earned our confidence.  When you buy from us, you can trust that you will receive quality.  We have been in the on-line jewelry business since 2010 and hold ourselves to the highest standards in customer service.

We started in western New York in 2010, with a small studio focused on creative, original, unique one-of-a-kind designs.  In time we expanded to include other product lines in addition to our own custom pieces, taking great care along the way to only work with suppliers that have the highest standards.  We strive wherever possible to prefer products manufactured in the United States, and use only American companies for any services we don't provide in-house, such as mold-making.  We hold all of our suppliers to the same high standards we expect of ourselves.

Bonyak Jewelry relocated to the Cincinnati, Ohio area in 2014, where it proudly remains to this day.